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Kuvings Juicer Comparison Chart April 2019

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Domestic Models Comparison Chart

Kuvings Domestic Models

Comparison Chart of Kuvings Juicers Domestic Models

Professional Models Comparison Chart

Kuvings Professional Models

Comparison Chart of Kuvings Juicers Professional  Models

Evolution Models Comparison Chart

Kuvings Evolution Models – Top Level

Comparison Chart of Kuvings Juicers Evolution Models

Kuvings Juicer Compare Models Summary

All Kuvings juicers have a very strong motor with a 20 year warranty and hi torque enabling them to squeeze all fruit and vegetables especially the hard ones like carrots and beetroots and the fiberous ones like pineapple, celery and herbs too.

When juicing with all Kuvings Cold Press Juicers you can choose to either drink the juice straight away or store your juice in glass sealed bottle for up to 3 days in the fridge with minimal loss of nutrients.

Which Kuvings model is best for you and your family depends on your budget and your main purpose for owning a cold press juicer.

We have answered a couple of questions here to help you make a better buying desicion.


  • How many people in the family? – More people means more juice, more often so it is worth spending a little more on your cold press juicer
  • How many days per week do you plan to juice? – Go for the wider flip gate models for a faster juicing experience
  • Do you plan on doing a regular juice fast or cleanse? – Evolution range produces the finest juice for fasting
  • What is more important Easy to Clean or Budget? – Domestic range takes longer to clean
  • Do you not like a little bit of pulp in your juice or not? – Domestic range has more pulp in the juice